Glossary of Stones

  • Peitersite

    A pseudomorphic jasper with asbestos inclusions, Peitersite is a metamorphosed [folded and stressed from the earth] blue and gold Tiger Eye in Quartz. It has the same chatoyancy [waving, iridescence] that is seen in the yellow and brown Tiger’s Eye. But, rather than the earth and heaven connection held by Tiger’s Eye, Peitersite holds angelic creativity.

    Peitersite knows the memory of the angels, who centuries ago, focused love into this stone to help humanity use divine creative potential on Earth now. This stone also holds the calm and joyousness of the angels and can help dissolve the confusion and fear resonating upon Earth at this time. Use Peitersite to support the hope and solution you know is in your future no matter what the news is showing or telling you.

    If you are releasing deep emotions, this is the stone to bring calm to any emotional outbursts. Named the ‘Tempest Stone,” it can show the emotional body how to stay grounded into the flow of your life. Peitersite is known to unite the Solar Plexus [3rd Chakra] with the Third Eye [6th Chakra] to create a communication of personality with intuition. More importantly it also creates a strong bridge between the Solar Plexus with Spiritual Throat [Higher 5th Chakra] to help you voice the spiritual changes that can be manifested through conscious awareness.

    This is a true “New Age” stone to carry for support and wear for intuitive inspiration as the Earth changes accelerate and finally settle.