Glossary of Stones

  • Phenacite

    Phenacite (also spelled as Phenakite) is a quartz-like nesosilicate with a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. It is found in Russia, Brazil, the US, Madagascar, Africa and Norway. This little stone has such a high luster and clarity that when faceted it can be mistaken for diamonds.

    Phenacite stimulates the Light Body by emanating pure clear light. It is an important stone for aiding your higher consciousness and assisting with the current ascension process we are experiencing. While an individual stone may be smaller than a cherry seed, each is incredibly powerful and direct in its ability to open the third eye and crown chakras. This little stone seems to both soothe and stimulate the higher chakras. It acts like an inner planetary vehicle for opening inter-dimensional doorways for inner journeying, travel, and understanding of sacred geometric formations. Because it has the ability of prefrontal lobe stimulation, it can help develop prophetic visions and support remote viewing.

    There are variances in the Phenacites from different locations… The Brazilian Phenacite [more plentiful] is very direct and strong in its higher chakra focus and stimulation. The Russian Phenacite [becoming rarer] not only works with the higher chakras, but it seems to have a deeper vibrational base and engages and stimulates the entire light body. Wearing Phenacite jewelry can keep you in a state of constant higher awareness.

    Phenacite is one of the Synergy Twelve Stones [Robert Simmons] including Moldavite, Danburite, Azeztulite, Herderite, Brookite, Tanzanite, Satyaloka Quartz, Natrolite, Scolecite and Tibetan Tektite. These twelve stones are in a group that support the reaching of higher intention for planetary healing and conscious awareness.