Glossary of Stones

  • Prehnite

    Prehnite is found in Australia, Africa and India. My favorite is the Australian because of its pale butter yellow, translucent appearance found as tumbled stones, carvings and in jewelry. The Indian variety is found as pale green clusters growing with stilbite inclusions. Both varieties are lovely.

    Prehnite has an expansive effect. It allows you to connect with whatever you may not recognize in your life or what do not wish to recognize about yourself. Thus, it helps you to expand beyond your current mind set.

    This stone resonates at the Higher Third Chakra level due to its yellowish-green vibration. Combining mental consciousness with the heart’s ability to love, this stone teaches us to think before we act and speak kindly to all we meet… whether in this dimension or another. Using Prehnite as a teacher of conscious patience is a valuable asset to any mineral collection. Prehnite will also calm the ego while supporting the personality’s desire to follow the heart’s messages.

    Prehnite doesn’t recognize the physical world as being a unique or different reality from the spiritual levels, and it allows you to blend multiple vibrations and levels of consciousness. DNA structuring is supported by Prehnite as it helps move out cell negativity and clears the emotions.

    Besides working so diligently on the physical levels it can enhance the gift of prophecy and supports intuitive “knowing-ness.” Predictions dealing with spiritual growth or awareness are more accurate and trustworthy while using this stone. Prehnite can also be used in grid work and when seeking ET visitations.

    It is unsurpassed as an elixir and can be sprayed over any chakra to help align with the eighth chakra. It creates relaxation and calming and can relax tired muscles and feet.