Glossary of Stones

  • Quartz Clusters

    Quartz Clusters are a beautiful formation of quartz. It is the foundation for all other quartz crystals. Growing as a family of smaller crystals, the Cluster imbues not only the beauty, but the power and strength of the quartz mineral family. Some Quartz Clusters form with several large quartz points, while others form of numerous perfect tiny crystals leaving a glittery surface.

    Quartz Clusters are pure energy. They energize any environment in which they are placed. They can also purify an environment or stabilize it. Because they are formed from multiple quartz crystals, the entire Cluster has the same potential of programming as a single crystal, but on a larger scale. A Cluster can also be used as a repository for singular ideas, prayers and programs. Simply write an idea or prayer onto a small piece of paper, and place the small paper(s) between two of the crystals in the Cluster.

    A small Cluster can be placed onto the top of a chakra to ‘snap’ it open when the chakra is entirely blocked. You can also place colored stones – rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine – into the crevices of the small Cluster to add to the adjustment of a chakra. A small Cluster can be placed onto every chakra to ensure that each one has the strength to support the chakra above it and below it.

    A medium to large Quartz Cluster can also be used to energize other smaller Clusters or individual crystals after they have been used in a healing session or during meditation. Crystals can become tired after use, whether personal or as a worker during a crystal healing session. They need to be cleared after use by smudging, soaking in a salt bath, or in a lavender bath for 24-48 hours. But, after being cleaned, a crystal should also be re-energized by sunlight, moonlight or by placing it into the crevices of its mother form…a Quartz Cluster.

    Besides its obvious beauty to the environment, a Quartz Cluster is one of the true gifts of the Mineral Kingdom.