Glossary of Stones

  • Quartz Flames

    These unusual crystals are a new find from the third generation quartz miners and crystal cutters, the Venturini Family. The Flames are cut from whole quartz crystal points, both very clear and with rainbow inclusions, and from Citrine with Rutile or Tourmaline inclusions and Quartz Crystal with Green and Black Tourmaline inclusions. Similar to the four sided Marcel Vogel “water” cut crystals of the 70’s, these quartz pieces also have a slight twist or twirl to the sides giving them a “flame like” appearance. The Venturinis have also cut some of the Flames with three sides making them even more trance-like inducing.

    While Crystal Flames are not a particular mineral, they are wonderfully unique and a must have for your crystal collection. Loosely held between the palms of the hand, we’ve found the Flames to instantly place the holder into a deep Theta meditation state, even dropping down into a Delta wave length. This allows the holder to reach into their meditation with ease and without the mental clutter so often usual to the part-time meditator. While you may experience the feeling of being asleep, you are really so deeply, and instantly, in a trance state that you will find immediate clarity and a sense of peace. Everyone using the Flames emerged from their meditation feeling the day’s burdens lifted and completely renewed.