Glossary of Stones

  • Rainbow Quartz


    Rainbow Quartz is the newest India discovery from earlier this year. It was very difficult to locate for purchase, but I was able to find a supplier of this delightful mineral just before the Denver show last month.

    Rainbow Quartz grows much like Spirit Quartz from Africa. But, where Spirit Quartz grows as multiple small amethyst terminations around one single quartz crystal these new quartz clusters grow as small terminations or multiple terminations around a piece of quartz or black coral. The points have full multi-colored faces that have not been treated or changed in any way. Each cluster is unique and different in its appearance and the faces reflect pink, blue, green, violet and yellow light emanations. This is not the refraction of light we are used to seeing called rainbows in other crystals; these are multi-color flashes off the very surface of the crystals themselves. They are pure J-O-Y!

    These crystals speak to us of transformation and the coming Light that we have been seeking. Their message is to remember that no matter how hidden or covered up the light may seem it is always there for us to discover, use and share.

    Rainbow Quartz also asks us to care for ourselves, reminding us to not be neglectful or stubborn in nurturing ourselves. They ask us to bring the fun into our lives and set aside any drudgery on a daily basis so that we can remember our origins of open-hearted love and joy.

    Place one on your Heart Center to feel the happiness and love that the planet is sharing with you. It is true bliss of the highest nature.

    Place one over your Third Eye Chakra and allow your inner seeing to blossom and awaken into what the Universe is bringing to us now.

    Use two, one at the front of the body and one at the back, loosely ‘sandwiching’ the body. Start at the First Chakra, hold the two clusters about 1″-2″ away from the body for 30-60 seconds. Slowly sweep the crystals up the body, stopping at each chakra to energize, clear and renew it.

    * –  Anandalite is the trademarked name from Robert Simmons of Heaven & Earth , LLC.