Glossary of Stones

  • Rhodochrosite

    Rhodochrosite combines the emotional authenticity of the color orange and the loving warmth of pink to create a rich, warm pinkish-orange stone that merges these two energies. Placing love and compassion above the emotional needs of the “little self” at second chakra and to watch over the personality at third chakra. This uniting of the physical world and the spiritual world is all about bringing the illusion of duality into a clearer light. Some of the newer Rhodochrosite specimens have even altered from what you may be used to seeing. These new pieces have the deep rose color of the inner heart and call to mind the Mary Magdalena energies of compassion with service and healing for all beings.

    Rhodochrosite supports the heart and allows you to have a greater flow of love in your life and to share that love with others. Mistrust is the greatest obstacle to loving yourself and others, and Rhodochrosite is the stone to heal that mistrust. It helps awaken your heart energy to connect all of the soul’s ideal parts that you may express your full loving potential. Love used creatively, has greater potential and fuller meaning when it is shared. It allows you to remember your original universal love connection and what love is… it has no boundaries, limits or rules.

    A simple meditation (from Dorothy Roeder) is to “visualize the deep pink of this stone filling your heart, radiating out from it and filling your whole body with its warmth and light. Fill our aura with it and allow yourself to feel the love of all creation supporting your special contribution to it. Allow yourself to be loved and supported by its unconditionally.”

    Rhodochrosite helps to give balance to the awareness of duality and the effects it can have in your life and upon your person and awakening you to how this concept is only illusion… as we are, and always have been, one. It can support in the removal of any denial processes regarding new information and support an openness to receive these new concepts, ideas and options that are appearing in your life. This alone makes Rhodochrosite a very important stone to work with at this time of our planet’s transitioning.

    The password for Rhodochrosite is “I and the other are one.”