Glossary of Stones

  • Rhodonite

    Rhodonite promotes the energy of compassion and love. It opens your heart on the physical level and shows you how to be practical in love. It is a stone of community because it supports you in rediscovering the gifts you have for the good of all. While Rhodonite, is not a newly discovered stone, it is one of the major stones for 2013. This is a year to adjust how you see yourself and the world; this is a year to dig deeply within all that you are, that you might become who you are supposed to be. And Rhodonite is the perfect addition to your mineral collection for this reason.

    One of the strongest lessons of Rhodonite is that the giver is really the receiver. So, the more you share of yourself, the more of yourself you receive in return. The more your generosity is expressed, the more you will experience generosity. The more love you share, the more love you will receive. Rhodonite will also help you in developing any gifts that have been laying dormant within you. Using this stone will support how others see you and treat you. By awakening and using your gifts you will automatically bring more love into the world, this is one of the strongest gifts that Rhodonite brings to you. Use it wisely.

    This stone brings you peace. And it knows that love unites all things. It is a very feminine stone. Rhodonite adds strength to feminine energy and ideas allowing this energy to be united with the masculine. This stone reminds you that Earth is complete in her sharing and this indiscriminate gift is one of the lessons she shares with us in total love.