Glossary of Stones

  • Rosasite

    Rosasite is a carbonate mineral rich in copper and zinc. It forms as radiating fibrous clusters and botryoidal globulars in encrustations; with a Mohs hardness of 4. It often grows with red limonite and was originally discovered in Italy.

    With its blue, green and bluish-green coloration, it is a stone of the Higher Heart. Here it supports the communication with Higher Heart and the expression of Divine purpose that Higher Heart conveys.

    Looking beneath personal desires or aspirations, Rosasite supports the expression of deep spiritual law. Use your Rosasite to connect with higher self’s original purpose, and access spiritual memory. Meditation with Rosasite will help you to locate your own personal mantra of devotion and focus. You can place a piece of this unassuming mineral by your head at night for assistance in discovering personal mantras. Mantras (a sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation, or as incantation) will become your personal pathway to the truth for supporting your planetary journey as spirit incarnate. Ask yourself before going into sleep: Why am I here? What is my forgotten purpose? How can I strengthen my purpose? How can I better complete my spiritual mission? Any, or all, of these inquiries will help to open the unconscious pathways to discovery.

    Rosasite strengthens your relationship with meditation and spiritual focus. It helps you in recognizing who you are, accepting those spiritual concepts, and supporting the physical actions to complete your life purpose. These tenets are many times beyond human consciousness, and Rosasite can awaken these deep awarenesses.

    Not only can Rosasite calm the emotions, it soothes the soul by strengthening your faith in the Universal Perfection Ideal. As the planet continues her acceleration, personal mantras, prayer, meditation, and distance healing are all becoming essential in staying calm and focused throughout our days.