Glossary of Stones

  • Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is pink quartz, ranging from pale pink to a deep rose color. It derives its coloration from titanium, iron or manganese, depending on location. Most often found growing in slabs or masses, it will occasionally grow in crystal form as clusters of tiny pink terminated crystals. Most usually mined in Brazil, it was first discovered in Maine. The finest examples of Rose Quartz are from Madagascar and have a rich, deep pink coloration, many times showing with what is referred to as “stars”. These stars, also known as asterisms, are created from microscopic rutile needles within the Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz contains a great sweetness and gentleness unlike any other stone. It is the first of the Heart Chakra stones to begin the healing process of the heart that holds childhood scares from deep emotional wounds.

    Rose Quartz is one of the most written about stones in the mineral kingdom. It has been prized since Egyptian times and used as a skin beautification tool, powdered and used as an elixir to calm The mind, and implanted in the body for strength of character. Even the Romans valued Rose Quartz as a prevention for wrinkles and to encourage a clear beautiful complexion.

    Rose Quartz draws love and peace to the heart. It is valuable for healing wounds of the heart. Everything flows to and from the heart, and placing a Rose Quartz at the heart during times of stress soothes and eases anxiety and allows you to take a deep breath you may not have realized you were holding.

    An excellent stone for healing childhood grief or hurt, Rose Quartz will begin to comfort the inner child and strengthen a sense of self love. Creating a strong experience of unity, this simple and beautiful stone helps you to realize that when you are separated from yourself, you are not in love with your Self.

    Rose Quartz opens the dialogue of deep love for yourself, your loved ones and the community you live in. With Rose Quartz in your life creating positive circumstances of care and hope begin to build and manifest everywhere.

    Use Rose Quartz for healing depression, grief work, loneliness and a sense of lovelessness. Use it to initiate love, creation, joy trust and forgiveness.