Glossary of Stones

  • Sapphire

    Sapphire is a corundum (part of the ruby family) and is a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. While the Blue Sapphire is the most commonly recognized stone of this mineral family, it also grows as pink, green, violet, yellow or clear. Sapphire gives its ‘breathe’ to our physical condition. While it can be a calm and unassuming stone, it has a power and inner strength that is automatically transferred to anyone using or wearing it.

    Sapphire clears toxic physical conditions, especially helping the lymphatic system and lungs. It facilitates the electo-magnetic flow of the body and units the brain and nervous system. When someone is uncertain of receiving or accepting Light into the body, Sapphire can help by using it as an elixir to spray onto the skin, opening up the cells to greater acceptance of its environment.

    Blue Sapphire derives its color from titanium and iron. While blue stones are not usually associated with the heart chakra, this is the exception. This stone helps you to connect with the flow of love connected to your inner self. While opening the heart to its inner guidance, it dissolves fear, hate and anger.

    Blue Sapphire opens the crown chakra (7th) and activates the brow chakra (6th) creating a gateway for the acceptance of more Divine light into the body and your life. Bringing in more Divine light allows for greater amounts of joy and peace to emanate for your being. It can be used at the throat chakra (5th) for accelerating communication and giving pure voice to thoughts. Inhale your inner wisdom with this stone, as it gives clarity to your truth and confidence to what you express.

    Pink Sapphire is one of the highest vibrations of love that any stone or mineral can hold. As with Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire aligns you with your own self love…the ability to recognize that inner love, to believe this energy is from and about yourself, and to know that you can rely upon this inner love during times of misunderstandings or conflict from the outside. This inner love can then be translated into the work you do and the relationships you experience in creative and definite ways.

    Pink Sapphire helps you to feel supported within all universal energies of love. Its energy will ground your earthly heart into a stabilizing force during transformative experiences.