Glossary of Stones

  • Serpentine

    Serpentine grows in fibrous, plate-like layers, masses and occasionally crystalizations where the original hexagonal structure was replaced by serpentine. It is most usually seen in the green, white and sometimes lavender but also ranges in color of green-black, brown-red and brown-yellow. Often times Serpentine is exported and sold as “new jade” when in its translucent form.

    Serpentine is a gentle and tender stone, beneficial for pains of the heart and of the emotions. Many times our wounds are so deep and painful that gentleness is much more effective than using a stone of power. How often do we still try to force our way with an outcome? Or try to neglect our healing with the compassion we so dearly need? During this time of such great emotional upheaval and emotional sloughing, the use of Serpentine can be most helpful.

    We have two beautiful varieties in the store right now. The first was newly discovered last year in Peru and has pyrite inclusions. Referred to as Dragonite. This form of Serpentine holds the harmonic vibrations Serpentine, pyrite and hematite. While Serpentine heals the emotions, pyrite provides a breakthrough of the emotions and a shield from many negative emotions and hematite balances and clears the mind for greater mental attunement. Quite a brilliant combination.

    The second variety of Serpentine holds the usual light green with white and lavender inclusions. Just holding it eases emotional pain and confusion.

    Serpentine also supports the balancing effects of other crystals. It is an old energy that has helped humanity for many cycles and it is particularly helpful while moving through transitions. While Serpentine holds the ideal on a vibrational level and assists us into our ideal patterning, it will clear the confusion resulting from trying to use higher energy to soon or in too great a quantity.