Glossary of Stones

  • Shaman’s Stones

    (Also known as Moki Marbles, Mock Marbles)

    Shaman’s Stones are iron and sandstone concretions found along the north rim of the Grand Canyon. They are naturally spherical an they are usually a medium brown to grayish-brown. They form in size from 1/2” to 2”+. They are best used in pairs and have a tendency to naturally be attracted to a ‘mate’. They should be chosen as a male and female pair for the best results and as such, they help balance polarities as you hold them. Shaman Stones are a powerful time travel tool for inner transformational work or journeying tools to be used during shamanic work. They will also act as psychic protection during your journey work, providing an energetic shield from negative energy or entities. They can enable a clearer perception of what energies are around you in any circumstance.

    Shaman Stones help balance polarity. Hold one in each hand (either the male Shaman Stone in the right hand or the female Shaman Stone in the left hand), depending on what type of balance you need daily. Set your attention into your first chakra while holding the pair of stones and allow the balancing to occur. Move up each individual chakra, balancing each one, ending at the crown chakra.

    I have found that in doing work along the spine and beneath joints, these stones will ease physical pain while allowing the etheric body to adjust to daily planetary physical changes and shifts.