Glossary of Stones

  • Shattuckite

    Originally discovered in the Shattuck mine in Bisbee, AZ, Shattuckite is a rather soft mineral [3.5] found in copper mines alongside Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Ajoite and other copper-based minerals. It grows in both fibrous and granular formation. It forms from light blue to deep blue shades.

    It is a great stone for understanding and communicating with Spirit. It can be used to open one’s third eye and develop the psychic channel to hear one’s guides and teachers. It does not create the communication between the worlds rather it enhances and enlarges the communication channels that have previously been established. Used in a similar way as Lapis Lazuli, this stone develops the clarity of “hearing” into the other realms. And, as with Lapis, has the very profound ability to protect the seer during channeling. It acts as a shield for protection of the physical body from unwanted outside sources that might be lurking.

    In its deep blue incarnation, Shattuckite also works well with Phenacite, Natrolite and Lazulite works well to enhance your intuitive nature and develop the third eye chakra.

    In its lighter blue colors, Shattuckite works well with Blue Lace Agate, Larimar, and Chrysocolla to awaken and support the truthful nature of the throat chakra. It also supports you in seeing the truth of what is being said, both by you and other speakers before the words are spoken.

    Shattuckite is also deeply developed as a protection against excessive radiation during radiation treatment and should be placed on the body after such treatments and can also be placed under medication during an undergoing process of western medical procedures.

    An excellent ‘spring tonic,’ Shattuckite can be used as a rehabilitating general elixir.