Glossary of Stones

  • Skulls

    While some people see Skulls as macabre, of decay and death, Skulls are philosophically and metaphysically seen as the seat of intelligence and a sign of strength, power, divinity and creation.  They have been used since ancient times as tools of enlightenment and renewal, reminding us of the impermanence of life, the connection that we each have to all living beings, and the power we can tap into by aligning ourselves with the ancestors. Ancestral connection may be of our loved ones, or an animal spirit ally.
    Archaeologists have found skulls tossed in the Celtic sacred wells. The symbolism of water is of cleansing, purification and fluidity of emotions; and Skulls were seen as the seat of power. For the Celts, hurling a skull into a sacred well indicates an intent of cleansing the soul or renewal for the soul.
    Tibetan monks have long held Skulls as holy objects, and some caves in the Himalayas were used as temples to store the actual skulls of revered monks and holy men. Visiting one of these temples allowed the devotee to access the knowledge of a holy man and thus gain spiritual knowledge.
    Winged skulls can represent mortality beyond death and skulls are the main symbol of the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead” or Dia de los Muertos. This holiday is similar to “All Saints Day” when family and friends gather to pray for, and to remember, loved ones who have died.
    Crystal Skulls are not a modern phenomenon. Ancient Crystal Skulls have many stories told about them, and primarily come from various tribes of South America peoples. Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls are the most common skulls found amongst the other old or ancient skulls. Crystal Skulls are classified as being in one of three groups, and these categories are:
    – Modern of Contemporary: Skulls created in the last 100-120 years
    – Old Skulls: made over 100 years ago to even 1500-2000 years ago
    – Ancient Crystal Skulls: made more than 2000 years ago
    The most important thing to understand about these Skulls is the positive effect that they have on the people who have had contact with them. Many people will attest to the fact that they are powerful tools to aid healing, but in particular have a strong effect on spiritual growth. Skulls are divination, transformation and healing instruments.
    Most ancient skulls are made of clear rock crystal quartz, like Mitchell Hedges Skull, Max, Sha Na Ra, Synergy (whose earthly origination is a tiny village in the Andes and whose current caretaker is Sherry Whitfield), and Einstein (which weighs nearly thirty-three pounds and is under the care of Carolyn Ford).
    Other skulls that may be ancient are not clear quartz, such as the smoky quartz skull named ET (whose caretaker is Joky va Dieten, found in Guatemala in 1906, though the Maya allege it came from the Pleiades); Ami, the Amethyst [Quartz] Skull (whose caretaker is now unknown, though its first known appearance was sometime between 1876 and 1910 on the desk of President Diaz of Mexico); the rose quartz skull, Baby Luv (whose caretaker is Joky van Dieten and may date back to 700 BC in Russia); and Amar, the possibly ancient, slightly smokey quartz, Tibetan Skull (used by Tibetan monks for healing and now in the care of the owner of
    What is important is that all of these skulls, and many other possibly ancient skulls, are all quartz (Si02), clear or otherwise. Quartz, more than other mineral, reflects, transmits, attunes, focuses, transforms, refracts and amplifies energies.
    When using a Skull for meditation or grid work there are a number of considerations. Find a Skull that appeals to you. There doesn’t need to be a logical reason for your attraction to any particular Skull, but trusting your instincts is important. After choosing your skull, take it home to cleanse it (you can ask for more cleansing and charging information from the Crystal Matrix) and then program your new Skull by going into a meditative state. Fill yourself with love and mere with the Skull. You may also program your Skull with clear, simple intention for self-healing or divination.
    Working with your Skull is a way to understand humanity. Because the skull shape reminds us that we use the brain to focus into three-dimensional reality and also to translate into a usable form what we get from Spirit. What we receive from Spirit often comes through the crown and third eye chakras, which are also represented by the skull; thus, there is an emphasis on using crystal skulls as portals or bridges to intuitive knowledge and deep meditation. Although the skull image certainly points to death, it also points to immortality. We are thereby reminded that our essence is immortality literally in the “face” of death. Lastly, the image of the human skull is carved from enduring stone suggesting both a passing over to another world while also being rooted to Mother Earth. This combination of opposites suggests two more metaphors/functions of the skull image: the crystal skull is thereby an image of Heaven on Earth, and also an interface, an intermediary, a portal between the two worlds.
    There is a Native American legend of the thirteen crystal skulls. The basic notion of this legend is that the skulls hold all the information that, if when downloaded and decoded, would prove vital to the world’s survival in the advent of a global catastrophe. But the skulls’ knowledge may also further the evolution of the human species as that information is presumed to have done in the very distant past. According to the Legend, the skulls are now either buried or otherwise hidden; only when the Twelve are discovered and brought together with the Thirteenth Skull, the Master One, is such a revelation possible.