Glossary of Stones

  • Smokey Quartz

    Smokey Quartz is a light brown, to dark grayish-brown, to black quartz crystal. It is also called “smokey topaz” and “topaz quartz.” It is formed through an intense heat of 200-c and most often found in hydra-thermal veins within the Earth. Where clear quartz acts as a transmitter of energy, Smokey Quartz holds a great deal of energy and releasing power. It transmits this energy in a broader and heavier band than clear quartz. Smokey Quartz is capable of slowly and methodically moving through the sludge of life.

    I consider Smokey Quartz to be an emotional roto-rooter as it assists in releasing old habits, patterns and beliefs. It is also helpful in releasing physical pain. By placing a clear quartz crystal, in a vertical position, over a painful spot and then placing 4-6 Smokey Quartz crystals, point outward from the clear quartz crystal, you will have a very effective crystal grid to help eliminate pain and discomfort.

    Smokey Quartz can also assist in the elimination of negative patterns and help activate and dissolve burdensome issues. A simple meditation with Smokey Quartz will help in dissolving and eliminating the useless debris you think you may need someday.

    Smokey Quartz is grounding and clearing for the first chakra. It can ground life force into the heart space and ground loving energy into the root chakra. All in all, if you are just starting a mineral collection, or a seasoned connoisseur, add Smokey Quartz to your collection as a staple for healing.