Glossary of Stones

  • Spirit Amethyst

    Spirit Amethyst, often referred to as Spirit Quartz, is a powerful Crown Chakra stone that encourages inner peace. You can recognize Spirit Quartz as a complete quartz crystal entirely surrounded by multiple, tiny, crystalline encrustations. Spirit Amethyst is an entire crystal surround by tiny amethyst crystals. Its formation is similar to Candle Quartz, another excellent crystal for meditation and introspection.

    Spirit Amethyst instantly transforms any negative energy into positive energy. While this stone thoroughly cleanses and energizes the aura, it can also be used to cleanse and charge an individual chakra. I often use one of these crystals in a crystal healing session to energize stagnate areas in the body, the successful results are instantaneous.

    Spirit Quartz can also contain the additional mineral of Rhodizite, giving the outer encrusting crystals a yellowish appearance. The addition of Rhodizite seems to give Spirit Amethyst a higher focus and frequency, which enhances it’s energy to the Crown Chakra with little effort.

    These crystals are found as either individual hand held points or in clusters. The clusters are very energized and extremely happy.