Glossary of Stones

  • Stilbite

    In the same family as Apophyllite, and usually growing together, Stilbite has a different crystal formation. It is found as tabular pink crystals, often double terminating in a “bow” or fan shape. It¹s colors range from pale pink to a salmon pink and white, yellow, orange, red and brown.

    Stilbite also has an almost identical energy for astral travel, visualization, soul retrieval or shamanic journeying. The difference is that Stilbite’s energy acts both as a protector while journeying and a rocket type boost into and through the tunnel or path you are intending. With this mineral there is also a grounding effect that protects the silver cord, and provides a subtle feeling of knowingness that you won¹t get lost in some other vibration, time or space. Stilbite, like Apophyllite, is also excellent for clearing the energy of other crystals.

    In addition to these higher energies, Stilbite exhibits the love energy of Rose Quartz and can be exceptionally useful for counselors and intuitive readers while dealing with relationship questions. The Stilbite piece can be place between you and your client or either, or both, of you may hold a piece during a session. The energy, while high(er) powered, is incredibly gentle and compassionate. This mineral will also imply a loving energy into any of your creative endeavors as well.

    Stilbite’s healing energies are quite different from Apophyllite. It can be used for improved circulation, for rebuilding the immune system, for increasing oxygenation, strengthening the heart and enhancing red blood cell production (with this in mind it is a useful mineral for working with leukemia patients). Stilbite can also be useful for stress release and as an aid to discipline. It is especially encouraging for people with weight control problems or any addictions to work with Stilbite. And lastly, Stilbite can be useful for reaching into past lives… particularly Atlantean.