Glossary of Stones

  • Sugalite

    (also known as Luvulite)

    Discovered in 1944, Sugalite is considered modern and denotes the signs of spiritual awakening on the planet and in your personal life. It is a true New Age stone. Associated with the Crown Chakra, Sugalite is definitely part of the Violet Ray and the ascended master St. Germaine. St. Germaine who is known to re-appear on Earth during times of great change – social, political, and spiritual. This stone can be seen as a powerful and supportive stone to have while caring for the planet in the midst of change and upheaval. This is the perfect stone to wear or carry with you during these changing times that we are seeing and living in.

    A bringer of Divine Love, this stone encourages compassion for all sentient beings. Because it is not connected to the old levels of karmic connection, it will help you to see how you no longer need to use old patterns of familial or societal misconceptions.

    Sugalite is a powerful activator of our transformational process and will energize those energies you may be having difficulty with releasing. Even though it carries a high vibrational pattern, it still acknowledges the grounding physicality of life on planet Earth. It can help your subconscious mind in using the new vibrational energies in practical, useful, rational ways.

    Not one to hold on the ceremonies of crystal healings remembered from past lives, Sugalite will help you embrace the newer patterns fluctuating on the planet and so natural to younger planetary healers and visionaries. This stone helps open the heart-mind connections for clearer visions of the new age to come.

    Sugalite can be used with Aquamarine to raise your level of heart opening awareness for greater integration of Sugalite’s own light flow. Lapis expands Sugalite‚Äôs multidimensionality in the physical realm by helping expand your perspective of physical existence. And used with Gold, Sugalite will be enhanced on the emotional level of accepting the Divine balance of “what is”.