Glossary of Stones

  • Tiger Eye

    Tiger Eye is a quartz mineral embedded with fibrous materials. As a pseudomorphic stone, it has transformed from the blue or green fibers of asbestos in quartz. This original material is naturally tinted blue and called Crocidolite or Hawk’s-Eye. Tiger Eye’s golden coloration is created by iron oxides within the once fibrous Crocidolite. It is the reflection off these microscopic fibers that creates its chatoyancy, or cat’s-eye effect. The red, or mahogany, Tiger Eye has been heated and is not natural.

    Tiger Eye reminds us that the core self remains intact while change or chaos move around us. It creates stability in new experiences and vibrations. Uniting the golden light of heaven with the stable, rich brown vibration of Earth, it helps the physical cells register the higher vibrations and helps strengthen the light body as it connects to the chaos of the physical. It also creates clarity and a much needed dialogue between the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies within the physical.

    Tiger Eye is symbolic of integration. As you work with this stone you open to an understanding that transformation is on multiple levels and multiple times of your being-ness. Each level, each dimension, each reality is in total relationship to one another, and yet completely individual. Here is a simple stone that expands an understanding of integrating physical perspective into Divine Purpose. Work with several stones to allow these multiple levels that each may have a voice in the reality in which you’re working. Tiger Eye can assist in grounding the spiritual into a partnership with physical purpose, and physical purpose into the spiritual.

    Blue Hawk’s-Eye (Crocidolite) is a visionary stone of projection and insight. It helps you understand your own Divine Blueprint and how your spiritual potential is an integral part of healing Earth. Working within the subconscious, it opens the mind to spiritual advancement and human potential. It can also dissolve mental rigidity and perspectives or insights that have crystallized.

    The red Bull’s-Eye can provide healing energy for the physical body. It will support the blood and other healing work with crystals by anchoring the Divine Blueprint. While other stones will be used for their specific healing purpose, the Bull’s-Eye will support the physical blueprint and your abilities of healing.

    The chatoyancy each stone shows is a reminder to us that transformation is a constantly changing experience of light and dark. That transformation is possible is in our own reflection.