Glossary of Stones

  • Titanium Quartz

    Somewhat resembling an oil slick, this stone is the brother to Opal Aura Quartz. Where the Opal Aura Quartz is soft, gentle and resides in the greater beauty of 14th Dimension, Titanium Quartz (quartz in a titanium vapor coating) resides in the shadow of silence and darkness. Not a stone to be used without great care, it can, and will, remove negativity and obstacles from wherever it is placed. Holding the directness and power of a quartz crystal, this transformed mineral can now direct its energy into the shadows and release obstacles while transforming them into the opalescent light of the higher dimensions. Titanium Quartz is definitely a must, but use it with caution.

    Titanium Quartz is a Metallic Quartz Crystal. Whenever we change an original form into a new form, without compromising the original’s integrity, an harmonics is created. This expresses Fifth Dimension within Third Dimensional reality. Each crystal will naturally hold the properties of the metals to which they are bonded and can focus energy up to ten times more powerfully into cellular structure than a clear quartz crystal.