Glossary of Stones

  • Topaz

    The most prized Topaz is a prismatic crystal with parallel striations and distinct terminations. It also grows in non-crystalized or non-terminated large mass formations. Its color range is clear, blue, pink, gold, brown, and rarer pale green, and red. It is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Burma, Australia, Japan, Madagascar, Africa, the USA and Mexico. The identity of “Mystic Topaz” is a man-made stone of colorless topaz artificially treated.

    Topaz is a stone of possibilities. It embodies the ideal of success and confidence. Liberal in nature, it holds the energy of the bigger picture along with the smaller individual parts of the whole. Whenever you need to view the macro and the micro, this is the mineral to use.

    Topaz is a stone of manifestation and adheres to the laws of attraction. If you direct your thoughts through the gentle colors of Topaz, it can etherically conduct those thoughts to the object you are directing it towards. It is literally the conductor of the message. As a master conductor, it can move through the energy not only from you to an idea or object, but from the universe into third dimension.

    For one giving the gift of topaz, it is symbolic of fidelity and love. It can be used to calm an individual’s hot temper, improve weakened vision, relieve asthma attacks, and bring sleep to those inflicted by insomnia.

    White, or clear, Topaz is a supporter of all work of a Divine or spiritual nature. It supports and manifests the essence of higher dimensions. Where you are, the Divine is present, and this stone reminds you of this ideal each time you use it. Sleep with a White Topaz to access higher dimensions and spirit guides (10th -12th chakras). Then, use the stone to meditate and create your day with higher purpose.

    A Blue Topaz is excellent at the Throat (5th) Chakra for opening and clearing blockages and to help the voice verbalize what wants to be manifested or to create what is desired.

    In healing, a Topaz can be placed on any chakra or part of the body to direct health. Use a Champagne Topaz to correct and heal an overused Sixth Chakra. By placing the Champagne Topaz crystal, point down, onto the Third Eye, the chakra receives a clearing and cooling wash of healing energy.

    Golden Topaz can be used as a consciousness builder and for energizing during stressful times or situations. This mineral can also be used to stimulate a spiritual state, and also for business. Remember not to let the ordinary business of the day distract from your spiritual growth.

    Imperial Topaz, orange-brown in color, can be used for emotional clarity and creating true emotional response in trying situations. It is a great stone to use during meditation and sleep to dream yourself into right being.