Glossary of Stones

  • Tourmalinated Quartz

    Tourmalinated Quartz is a multi-faceted stone that carries the dual energy of both the quartz and the tourmaline growing within it. As a rule, the term “Tourmalinated Quartz” refers exclusively to quartz crystal embedded with Black Tourmaline [Shorl].

    The significance of the combination is that they harmoniously enhance and strengthen each other’s healing properties. Quartz, one of Earths most common minerals, is the great amplifier and director of the mineral kingdom. Quartz, with its piezoelectricity, is easily programmable and one of the best minerals to have in a healer’s collection to direct healing energy and move through any dis-ease blocks. Black Tourmaline deflects negativity, both yours and anyone in your area. When found together, you have a powerful purifying mineral that can effect the environment. A Shorl Tourmalinated Quartz can help neutralize high levels of radiation or electromagnetic energy [radio waves, microwaves, and cell phone masts] that may cause stress to your body or the body’s systems. It is best to keep one of these crystals by your computer or atop a television to neutralize unwanted electromagnetic waves.

    Tourmaline embedded in Quartz is also found with Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline [Rubelite] and even Watermelon Tourmaline. Most tourmalines commonly grow in the same pockets, or caves, as quartz so it’s not that rare to find them growing in each other.

    Green Tourmaline connects you to physical life. It benefits all things that live and grow, including the heart and the heart chakra. Keeping Green Tourmalinated Quartz near a plant, in your garden or your home, will enhance the plants regenerative properties. Keeping Green Tourmalinated Quartz near your body can harmonize and stabilize the physical heart. Holding one of these minerals can ease tension and assist you in meditation, which is always beneficial to any stressful situation. Green Tourmaline tends to hold a more yang, or masculine energy, while Pink Tourmalinated Quartz tends to hold a more yin, or feminine energy. Watermelon Tourmalinated Quartz holds both the yin and yang energies and brings a sense of wholeness to this healing process.

    Remember, all tourmalines have their own special healing properties and placed in quartz, you are able to program these properties for what you desire from your mineral helpers.