Glossary of Stones

  • Vanadinite

    Vanadinite is a lead chloride mineral growing in small hexagonal crystals or fibrous masses. It grows as bright red0orange to yellow or brown. It can be transparent to translucent with a resinous luster. The mineral is soft, with a hardness of 2.75-3 on the Mohs scale. This is one of those minerals that you should not put in water or use as an elixer.

    This crystal aligns with Sanat Kumara* and the Planetary Logos**. Vanadinite is very grounding and works well with earth energies. Physical reality and the physical form is difficult and this crystal will ease your acceptance with third dimension.

    Connecting to First Chakra, Vanadinite stimulates the creative force of the physical Earth core. It will open your mind and emotions to integrate the Earth connection into physical reality. However you want to use Vanadinite, it will support your spiritual essence into the physical. It will show how firmly the spiritual and the physical are united in similarities and purpose.

    *Lord Sunat Kumara believed to be the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom is an Advanced Being at the Ninth Level of Initiation. He is regarded as the ‘Lord’ or ‘Regent’ of Earth and of the humanity. Said to reside in Shamballa, a floating city manifested on the etheric plane somewhere above the Gobi Desert in the borderlands of Mongolia. One of the spiritual ‘fraternity’ of Ascended Beings known as the Great White Brotherhood. Lord Sunat Kumara is dedicated to the eventual Salvation of Mankind and the establishment of Divine Law again in this three-dimensional reality.

    **Planetary Logos refers to Earth’s Magnetosphere. This Planetary Logos means that nothing is manifested into a form that is outside of a specific blueprint that projects that actual image.