Glossary of Stones

  • Zoisite

    Green Zoisite is stabilizing and energizing in the physical plain. It is balancing and enforces growth, development, and rejuvenation. This stone can be used when going through a healing crisis or a period of transformation.

    Pink Zoisite is emotionally uplifting and creates a positive attitude when undergoing trauma or the stress of transformation. A brilliant stone for the heart, it aids areas of physical healing by creating an energetic physical flow while eliminating any emotional overlays or remembrance of emotional trauma.

    Zoisite with Ruby combines the richness of the green healing energy of the Zoisite with the stable security of Ruby. This harmonic combination is helpful for clearing, healing and transforming the lower chakras. Here, you are also combining the fourth (heart) and first chakras for balance in the physical realm and expression through the heart. By opening the heart in a gentle manner and keeping the energy grounded, you can more easily adept to the physical plain. Use a Zoisite with Ruby for grounding your earthly soul purpose with your physical life expression.

    USES: for strengthening the back, physical exhaustion, supporting the heart, and lungs.