A+ Grade Aquamarine Cluster


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L1.2″ W 1.2″ H 4″


Aquamarine is a pale blue to blue-green beryl. It is mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, Australia, Africa and the US.

Aquamarine is cooling and calming. It can relieve depression, anger and negativity. Aquamarine represents an essence of the angelic realm, and creates peace to those who wear it or carry it with them. While wearing an Aquamarine, you can visualize calm and peace moving through each cell of your body, flowing into your heart and then moving from the heart to each cell. In this way, the Aquamarine energy fills the body and moves through creating peace on all levels.

Generally associated with the throat chakra (5th), Aquamarine soothes a scratchy throat by calming and opening up the fifth chakra to speak with greater ease and to speak with greater kindness. This mineral helps to balance the emotional body with the mental body. Aquamarine can be used as an elixir to help when stopping drug addiction or habit forming substances.

Aquamarine has been considered a sacred stone throughout ancient times. It has been a symbol of happiness and eternal youth, moderation and self-control. It has been used to protect seafarers and to keep sailors fearless. It strengthens the spleen, the liver, the kidneys and the thyroid.

Aquamarine is a very feminine stone and is associated with goddess energies such as Diana, Athena, Quan Yin and Mary. A water element mineral, it will work with calming your inner child. It will provide strength, courage and conviction to the healing of forgotten aspects of the child that still needs to be healed.

When combined with Amethyst, your Aquamarine is an excellent stone to keep with you while resolving issues of grief. This combination will help in releasing attachment to a loved ones physicality while still holding a loving emotional and spiritual connection to the one who has been lost

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