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Angelite is a light blue stone discovered in Peru during the harmonic convergence [1987], but it is also found in Great Britain, Germany, Egypt, Mexico, Poland and Libya. Forming in nodules and masses it is a symbol of the love and light being communicated in the universe today. It promotes peace in the world and creates unity with celestial life. Angelite gemstone is actually formed from compressed Celestite over many millions of years. Angelite, also referred to as Blue Anhydrite, is a pale lilac-blue stone with a Mohs Hardness of 3.5 with an orthorhombic crystal structure. The name ‘anhydrite’ comes from the Greek phrase ‘an hydro’ means without water. Its hardness of 3.5 makes it a soft mineral that converts into Gypsum if immersed in water [you will see a fine white powder on the outside of your stone after immersion].

Just holding a slice of Angelite will naturally bring relaxation and a sense of peacefulness. This stone creates awareness and promotes compassion and understanding. Wearing or carrying a piece of Angelite will hold you in a state of peace and love. To be in its presence is like washing yourself in a bath of tranquility. It brings serenity, inner peace and a sense of calm and it dispels anger, fear, aggression and stress, and encourages forgiveness. Angelite connects you to your Light Body and facilitates psychic healings and links the physical body with the ethereal energy field. And it is helpful in telepathic communication and communication with angels.

4.7 oz
3" x 2.25" x 1.25"

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Weight 4.7 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.25 × 1.25 in


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