Green Aventurine Point


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Aventurine is a dark green to light green mineral with sparkling inclusions of a secondary mineral known as fushite. When displaying a reddish-brown hue, the stone can have inclusions of hematite. It reminds us of springtime and abundance, regeneration and growth.

Aventurine is one of the best stones to use for any ailment, or for the rebuilding of the physical body. It can be used to repair muscles, tissue and nerves. You can use Aventurine to cool inflammations, sunburns, burns, infections, bites or fevers. This stone is very useful after oral surgery used in conjunction with blue lace agate. (You can even cool your stones in the refrigerator for an even greater cooling affect.) Alternate Blue Lace Agate with your Aventurine… one to cool and one to begin the healing. This technique can also be used after any physical trauma or surgery. Aventurine is an harmonic mineral (see Nov. 1998), a mineral comprised of more than two separate minerals creating a harmonious frequency unavailable with only one of the minerals. Not only does Aventurine illicit the previously mentioned healing properties, but it also comprises the attributes or characteristics of all the additional minerals composing its structure.

117.4 oz
13" x 3.75" x 3"

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Weight 117.4 oz
Dimensions 13 × 3.75 × 3 in


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