Kyanite Sphere


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L 2.0″ W 2.0″ H 2.0″

*Stand is not included

Kyanite is a dark blue striated mineral with occasional colorless, light blue, green, orange or pink formations. It is found mainly in Brazil but also Switzerland, India and parts of the USA. It tends to grow in massive quartz crystal pockets. Because it grows in striations this stone carries electrical impulses through its core. It is highly successful in transmitting these impulses through the human nervous system and the brain cells. It can help realign the matrix along these pathways for original blueprint configurations. Kyanite can be used to re-establish broken neuro-pathways or damage to the nervous system. It can automatically align all chakras. When used with conscious intent, Kyanite can open and correct each chakra. It will also help align the multiple levels of your being. In this way, you can hold Kyanite while doing chakra balancing meditations knowing that it is working on the physical, the etheric and the spiritual levels. This mineral, much like selenite, is one of those rare minerals that does not need to be cleaned after use. But, can be placed on a quartz crystal cluster to re-energized itself after a healing session. Kyanite can assist in reminding you who you really are…in other words, it will help you to Remember. Since each of us knows who we are universally, but have gone through the earthly process of forgetting, Kyanite can be used as an awakening crystal to show us what we have forgotten. As it connects the light body with the causal plain it reawakens the energetic impulses of the Causal Chakra for clearer insight and communication with other dimensions. It can open the mind, the heart and the mental aspects of self to create clearer creative endeavors and purpose.

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Weight 10.0 oz
Dimensions 2.0 × 2.0 × 2.0 in


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