Right Living

Bringing yourself into right being brings you into right existence. Each time you reach outside of yourself for answers or completion, you are not placing the essence of importance where it rightly belongs. Importance belongs within. This is an ancient perspective and yet it is always in keeping with the times. So much has transpired in your last year to place you outside of yourself. This was its purpose. The more you are outside of Self, the more you do not trust your instincts. Your instincts are good and Divinely given. The more you are not in alignment with your instincts the more you are not in alignment with the Divine. You can easily see why so much effort was made to distract you from your purpose and importance.

Do everything you can to re-right yourself into timely and correct alignment. Practice your meditations. Your meditations are a simple way to remember to breathe. They are a simple way to hear your heart and your Higher Self. They are a way to connect and commune with your spirit teachers and lineage holders and all others in the spirit realm who wish to speak with you and offer teachings. Your meditations do not need to be complicated not long, but rather thoughtful and focused. These last two are of greater importance than duration.

Walk. We cannot say this enough…walk! Walk especially outside in nature. Walking in nature realigns you with the vibration of the planet and places you in right accord with where and who you are. Walking is a way to clear the mind and allow communication with the devic energies and faire energies of the planet. Breathe! Breathing opens up your meridians and reminds you that you are indeed alive and of love. As you expand your chest with each breath you are expanding your fourth chakra and your heart. Expanding your heart places your importance on your innate kindness and Divineness.

Please laugh. Too much has taken your laughter this last year. Do not take these meaningless energies as important. For they are not. They are, as we have been telling you, distractions and nothing more. They are only distractions to move you out of your powers and away from your purpose. In that they have been successful for too many. You have the choice of importance and what takes your mind, your emotions and your spirit from you. Nothing should be taking your spirit. When it does, question.

Eat well. Eat that which is alive. Only in eating in this way will you mind and your soul resonate to that which is life giving rather than that which is life destroying. This is not just to make the body healthier, but to make the spirit more vibrant and resilient.

As this year, for you, moves from one to another, let yourself fully decide to question what is being shown to you, what is being given as reality and make your decisions based on your heartfelt reality not your intellect. While your intellect can be reliable for most things, it can also be manipulated. So ask questions and wait for your Higher Self and Divine answers in all things.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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