Symphony of the Cells™

Symphony of the Cells™ was created as a method of helping people understand that the body needs to be balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each hands-on Symphony of the Cells™ protocol will help aid in the realigning of cells and reversing the progression of dis-ease. This simple and powerful use of high quality, pharmaceutical grade, essential oils utilizes the body’s own natural response to wellness.

Focusing on the different systems of the body, these powerful essential oils will help guide you in your wellness journey.

Presented over three (3) separate healing sessions in a week’s succession, the Symphony of the Cells™ protocol works on the individual’s need for healing. Working through the First Degree of Healing (current illness & discomfort) and then moving into the Second Degree of Healing (core cause of dis-ease), this enjoyable and relaxing technique will leave the client free from any immediate dis-ease symptoms and into personal, deeper, core cause of dis-ease.

With an array of eighteen (18) different applications, clients will experience the wellness of the major systems of the body. The Symphony of the Cells™ protocols are used to create a feeling of overall wellness, however each protocol supports a specific system of the body with the oils that are most beneficial for that body system. This allows the user to target certain concerns or ailments for the greatest benefit. The oils are applied along the spine, occasionally the liver, shoulders and neck, and offered through the powerful sense of smell. The body systems the protocols can address are:

Circulation & Cardio Systems
Digestive System
Emobic & Limbic Systems
Endocrine System
Immune System
Nervous System
Integumentary System
Respiratory System
Skeletal, Muscular & Connective Tissue Systems
Urinary System
Emotional System

All 3 Protocol Sessions are booked together and Sessions are PIF ($90-) at 1st meeting.