Speak to us of what is to come….

These are times of growth and acceleration. They will be the vehicle through which you clear the last essences of what no longer serves you. Releasing these old wounds and beliefs will allow you a freedom of spiritual movement like you have never experienced in any lifetime other than your very first incarnation on this planet.

You have called forth these releases or purges to enable yourself the freedom to be the immense spiritual being you have always been. This authentic spirit being has been hidden beneath or within the guise of human frailty and the cloak of victimization of too long.

Neither frailty nor victimization is needed by your spirit or soul at his juncture. There is yet much work to be done. The burden of the past is no longer necessary for your development or enlightenment. This is the exact time for you to release these burdens that you might envelope the teachings of the Masters.

We have spoken to you so frequently of forgiveness. And this is a moment of deep forgiveness. This is necessary for your final leap into who you are meant to be. The forgiveness at this juncture is not merely of others but of yourself for all the trials you placed before yourself to learn what was needed to be known. How many lifetimes have you struggled with the essence of guilt or shame? Guilt over how you believe or remember how you have disappointed another, or how you have destroyed another’s life. Each action you have taken, also actions placed seemingly against you, are with the complete soul understanding from or to the other. It is this that the being forgets once in incarnate form.

We have so often spoken of you and the other are one. And this is what we mean for you to understand or remember. There are never mistakes upon the human plain and each soul enacts what they have needed or asked for before incarnation. Each soul you encounter on this plain is in agreement to interact with you and for you. You are that loved by another.

The next three months are full and essential for extreme growth and opportunities for forgiveness. So much is being brought to the surface. Can you extend your thinking to embrace those that are being presented as violators or perpetrators? When you can embrace these, all of them in each of their actions, you will have opened the wheel of extreme forgiveness and unburdened yourself of karma the likes of which you have not before understood.

When you embrace each ‘other’ you essentially embrace each action from your own soul that has mimicked harm in the past, in another past life. Thus is why it is so essential to practice this forgiveness and acceptance. It is more than merely helping or clearing another, it is the essence of clearing yourself. This is the total of all light, the forgiveness of all and the embrace of love to each. When you cannot forgive another it is because you do not believe you are worthy of forgiveness.

This is why you incarnated at this time, to clear karma and accelerate the enlightenment of humankind that a new and free world may emerge from (what appears as) the darkness.

We applaud you for your courage and convictions of love.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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