Spirit Speaks: April 2002

Speak to us of becoming whole…

To become whole one must first realize they are in separation. You were born from the heart of the God-Head whole and of love. In that initial state you had all the answers of the Universe at your disposal. Your need for the imagined answers of what you thought were even greater importance created doubt within your soul pods. Disagreements as to what your purpose, where you were going and who you were all lead to these disagreements. Each question asked, each independent action from the whole of your existence created even greater separation from the God-Head.

It is not incorrect to ask questions. It is not incorrect to wonder. It is strife created to forget that you are the God-Head that is the Creator of all.

When you question yourself you are indeed questioning the God-Head. By questioning yourself you express how you have forgotten who you truly are. All things come from you and all things will flow back into you. “Impossible,” you say? Not at all. Only the heart of the God­Head is great enough to have created someone as perfect as you. And only someone as perfect as you could possibly be as great as the God-Head.

All things flow back into themselves. This you have forgotten also. To become whole, allow yourself to flow back into your original heart. The one heart without doubt, without worry, without fear. In this way you will again remember your part in all that you see — in all the beauty and all the chaos. You are all things and so you are already whole — you need only remember the truth.

We love you, St. Germaine, Master Ti-Emein, and the Christed Healing Council

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