Spirit Speaks: April 2001

Speak to us of disenfranchised souls…

Each person may have bits and pieces of this disenfranchisement within them. Each time a person transitions, if the release is not peaceful, that is of a violent nature, or one in which fear, or great sadness is involved, the soul can fracture and disengage from its core. If this condition is left unresolved through lifetimes, the soul becomes multifractured. The person may feel as if he/she is living between worlds, or he/she may feel constantly unrelated to the present surroundings. As each piece is left farther and farther from the original core, the essence of the person becomes lost within their own life.

Modern medicine has been describing this as multiple personalities, and in essence it is in fact a multiple aspect-ed person. Each piece will eventually vie for supremacy because there is no singular core to identify as the main source of life force. Life force will also become diminished, leaving the person tired, irritable, depressed and, many times, with the inconsolable desire for what you call suicide.

Whether the person is in present life form or exists as a disembodied soul (ghost) the answer is the same, the core of the person must desire to be reunited with itself. It must call upon the Source of the Universe, the angels, and the God Essence to relocate the different aspects, to self-reunite. If in a present embodiment, the person may seek help of a nature that does not require the structure of drugs to eliminate the symptoms of disengagement. These symptoms are loudly speaking to the soul for recognition. Ceremony and vigilance can also help the person to reassemble into the once beautiful whole they began as in the creation of the Universe. If there are souls who read these words and wish our help, we will gladly help, but first you must realize that help is always available and then the answers will begin to fall into place.

For disembodied souls, we would hope for a practiced ceremonialist to guide the soul back into the Clear Light of the Creator, that the separate pieces may join the soul’s core for peace and harmony where the soul may rest before traveling on to its next life choice.

We love you, Master Ti-Emein, and the Healing Council


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