Spirit Speaks: February 2014

Speak to us of resistance to teachings from Spirit…

Many of you seek to commune with spirit and yet you resist the direction that spirit gives. From our perspective, there is no separation. This is the illusion that the seeker is committed to. For you, the illusion of separation is stronger than your desire to learn and have a strong relationship with beings of other dimensions.

When you seek to create a relationship with us you must first release the belief that there is any difference between what you believe as “your realm” and what you believe as “spirit realm.” The identities you give these ideas are what hold you to the separation illusion. You must begin with the re-creation of belief. When you can truly change your belief from an old paradigm of mine and yours, or rather my realm or dimension and spirit realm or dimension, you will begin to understand you are part of all dimensions all the time. There truly is no difference except that which you have given and the beliefs connected to what you believe.

So it is not so much the resistance to teachings through spirit that is the dilemma, as it is the resistance to changing the beliefs you hold to yourself and what you identify as reality in third dimension. The ego is a strong proponent to holding these older beliefs of separation. This ego then, when faced with a larger reality, holds you into controlling what you believe is real from what is actual reality on the multi-dimensional realm of possibilities. Ego also demands that the simplicity of meeting and creating relationship with those spirits that you are connecting with must be more difficult than you are experiencing. Ego then manipulates complicated and unreal pathways of working with more elaborate and ‘special spirit beings’ (those that your beliefs say are of greater importance or authority) than those that are in actual familial partnership.

This egotistical complication then directs the seeker into imaginative and untrue pathways. This is merely the ego’s way of maintaining control of beliefs and inhibiting the seeker from expansion and true wisdom learning. Allowing the ego to move you along untrue pathways can bring you into dangerous and unhealthy situations of astral debris that can in fact pull disembodied attachments into the aura. These attachments can lead to sickness, unstable mental conditions, and karmic responsibilities that you will then have to eliminate, if not in this lifetime, then in the next.

We ask you once again to open the mind to the teachings of the heart so that you may truly see and thus understand what is possible in reality. When the mind and the heart communicate old beliefs begin to dissolve and new and expansive beliefs emerge. These new beliefs will allow the world and all its possibilities and relationships to develop and show you how many relationships and friends you truly have in your life. You are never alone or without council.

We love you,
St. Germaine and the Healing Council of Light
Ashanti Lavanthia

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