Spirit Speaks: February 2016

You were not born in simpler times. You were born into times of chaos and struggle. This is the way of your world. The chaos that you see is one of multiple layers and is to be set as a teaching for all those that it encounters. You but need to reassess how you consider chaos to understand the wonder it provides.

Chaos is not to be avoided, but to be embraced. It is from chaos that all things are born and all things are grown. Consider the universe as it is. Planets are swirling/rotating in the void, moons are revolving around planets, comets and meteors are speeding through the void to encounter that which aligns with their path. Yet none collide, none have fear, none regret their placement one with the other. It is as it is and shall always be. Chaos is the true nature of the universe itself.

You look backward into your history and consider that 100 years or 200 hundred years in the past were times that provided simpler lives to those souls living. This is not so. Each generation, each century in your time, experiences struggle and believes that they and they alone are living in a time of difficulty, remorse, and chaos. It is the perspective that each generation holds that allows them to see the world and their time for what it truly is…an opportunity to grow and learn bravery in adversity. To learn to fly when you do not have wings is how your souls develop into a greater awareness of the unity of the whole.

We have spoken to you previously of not being singular in your experiences. This is still so. You, as one individual, are not alone in any of your experiences. Whether those experiences are being presented in your current lifetime, or whether those experiences are presented in a previous lifetime, each of you will know every possible nuance of human experience. This is what you chose to manifest on this planet. This is why you have chosen to return time and again to this struggle of which we speak.

It is the struggle that provides the lessons, it is your perception that provides the growth or lack of growth accordingly. Your earthly struggles have become less of a purely physical nature and become more emotional and mental. Some of you, as newer souls, will experience confusion rather than awareness of lessons. Some of you, as older more seasoned souls, experience the lessons and open your minds, hearts and souls to all that life is presenting. There is no judgement on the part of the universe in these choices, as there is no judgement on our part, nor should there be judgement on yours.

As you open your minds to all that is being provided for your growth and development, know you have once again chosen well in these times and circumstances. Know that the chaos is yours to be used as you require. Know that struggle in the force of the universe is futile. Know that embracing all will be smiled upon be the universe and your higher self and the Angels.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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