Spirit Speaks: July 2013

Speak to us of transforming negative vibrations…

Your fears create your negative vibrations. Negative vibrations residing within the cells of your body, within your chakras, within your homes, and work spaces. Thus, it is not the negative vibrations that are in need of changing and transforming, but the fears are with their creations.

What is it that you are fearing? Have we not spoken to you of trusting in the great magnitude of Creation? This Creation is not solely on this planet, but deep within it and far reaching into the Universe. This Creation is also as much a part of you and your cells, your chakras, your homes and your work spaces as it is a part of all of the stars.

Do you see the stars, or the planets, being with fear?

Or, do you see them as separate from yourself?

Those within the celestial state are without fear and hold their universal space because they know this is their purpose in the universe and as such, part of the Creative Plan. All celestial beings – stars, planets, angels, ascended masters, archangels – know they are a complete part of what creates the whole of creation and are willing to maintain their place within Creation. Because of this innate trust of Creation, they are able to be in transformation constantly. There are no negative vibrations; only trust or fear.

What of your ability to be in transformation during times of stress or fear? You have the freedom to freely choose your part in whatever drama is forming for your observations and lessons in this plain. This freedom of choice is much larger than you may be seeing it. As such, the choices you are being shown, and being asked to choose from, are multiplied by the number of people who are in your vicinity at any given time. These distractions are only that… distractions from the truth of what you may decide to choose. Your choices, continually created and made, are best taken from what is not only in your highest good, but what is in the highest good for all those in your vicinity.

If this means a small family setting, your choices are smaller in number. If this means you have the responsibility for greater numbers, then your distractions and choices will also be greater. But, the same celestial theories apply… what is for the highest good and is it innately harmless to all?

This creation of universal community you are imparting on is both a curse of always seeking to do the right thing for all involved, and a blessing for the exact same reasons. Your illusions of fear obstruct your internal sight of seeing that all choices are for the highest good and you will make the perfect choice in all situations. It is important to also consider that all other beings are attempting to choose for the highest good also. Some of you stumble in this plan, and others of you fly, but all are I transformation and releasing from the negative vibrations of fear.

Your growth and transformation is a marvelous thing of which we applaud you in your efforts of transformation and consciousness.

We love you,
St. Germaine and the Healing Council of Light
Ashanti Lavanthia

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