What is taking place with Mother Earth?

The planet is renewing herself and in a state of transformation. Most of the weather changes are indeed in order. These intense changes are patterns of planetary growth and imminent renewal. These weather patterns are natural occurrences rather than forced or unnatural occurrences by humankind. There are indeed manipulated and man made weather patterns, but these are minimal compared to natural planetary changes. While man made weather patterns and destruction are indeed a condition, they are minimal in comparison to the planets own forces that can’t be entirely manipulated.

Galactic Elementals cannot be manipulated and aren’t affected because they are too great. Galactic Elementals are the forces of the universe such as planets, moons, comets, space dust and stars. These natural elements are too often overlooked and not considered when looking at the forces effecting the weather patterns and conditions on earth.

Manipulation can only happen to a limited degree and can’t be done beyond what the planet is already preparing to create on her own. And your planet is getting ready to emerge into great change. The patterns of this great change are a part of the natural evolution that each planet undergoes. Earth is moving her forces and creative processes forward. You are being aware of climate change, and we would say to you that mankind can create some change but not all. Planetary evolutionary changes naturally occur every 26-32,000 years. Earth is currently at approximately her 26,000 year mark, or changing point, now. At her pinnacle of change it will indeed mean partial human demise. It is important to remember that, after destruction, comes human rebirth, and this is what must be focused upon. You will not see great change within your lifetimes nor your children’s lifetime, but more in line with your great grandchildren’s lifetimes. The pendulum is swinging to complete and refocus a long awaited natural occurrence.

As with any great change or upheaval, we ask that you remember your part in these changes and how you gladly, and with great enthusiasm, chose to be a full participant in these times and these changes. Your part is always, as a light worker, to provide the greatest guidance and healing to those who do not remember why they are here. Or to provide to those who are newer in soul progression the patience and space to process their newer feelings and these new ideas of change that is not yet part of their knowledge or information base.

Notice how these changes are not only affecting your psyche and emotions, but also how your body is processing the newer energies and the affects they are having on communities. The body is a physical reflection of the earth, and as she transforms and changes, the physical human body is being adjusted and transformed also. Resistance to the inevitable changes can create great physical discomfort if you are sensitive to these realignments. Your bones are literally the structural matrix (stones, minerals, crystals) of the planet, and your muscles are the webbing between these materials, the dirt that is soft enough to be moved. Your blood is the reflection of the waters of the planet. Your indigenous peoples knew that to maintain health they needed to maintain the balance of their environment. Modern peoples have long forgotten this wisdom and are feeling the imbalances and consequential disease. The more sensitive the person, the more the reflective effect. In the same way the planet knows to purge herself of poisons and imbalances, you also must be conscious of purging your physical elements else you become toxic and unable to find your planetary balance and thus your health.

The planet is here to teach you and you came here to listen and be taught what she wisely knows. We ask you to listen and stay awake and aware of what you chose to experience.

Blessings In Light,
Lord Melchizedek

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