Elijah Demetri

Elijah Demetri


Every since I was little I have always had a fascination with cards of all kinds. Before I “became” a tarot reader I remember pretending to read the fortunes and futures of my mother and her friends as well as my own. It wasn’t until I was in my teenage years that I began to delve deeper into the ever unfolding mystery that is tarot, crystals and all thing metaphysical.

Growing up in the midwestern suburbs I quickly discovered that I wanted to branch out and develop my spiritual path and journey. I moved to Los Angeles where I studied music and theater, and by its very nature tarot made its presence and purpose known strongly in my life.

I approach tarot slightly differently than what I know most people may be used to. My approach is from not only a spiritual and metaphysical standpoint, but from a practical and applicable point of view. A part of my service is to be an ear and a counselor to those seeking insight, by creating a dialogue with the client it allows those barriers to fall away like dominoes to reveal all of the light and pure potentiality that is ahead.

It is my goal to be a co-creator with you in your journey and to help you find your pure potential to bring you one step closer to your higher self in a holistic and inclusive way.

Elijah is offering readings in the store Wednesday through Friday.

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